Have you ever felt the need to prove yourself worthy... do what is expected... or please others?If you are a people pleaser or living up to be 'a good girl', unable to express your true feelings and ideas you will likely feel frustrated, overwhelmed and disconnected, because trying to be something or someone you are not, will always make you unhappy in the long run.

Authenticity matters, because it is linked to who we truly are. It is not something we need to attain, but rather, something to rediscover.It is true conditioning and trauma may be keeping our true essence at bay... sometimes to avoid conflict, or being judged or ridiculed... but always to keep us safe. 

What we need to realise is that if the behaviours we learned and the beliefs we adopted are keeping us stuck, unhappy or stopping us from pursuing our dreams - they are no longer serving us! 

I speak to so many people who have tremendous wisdom to share... amazing dreams and passion, yet fear is keeping them from sharing their truth and living their dreams.

This matters more than you think, because the inability to express ourselves fully - how we feel, what we want and need - not only affects us mentally and emotionally, but according to Dr Gabor Mate and many others, it also affects our health.

That is why I am passionate about creating a safe space and guiding women to reconnect with their true self, rediscover their passion and have the confidence to share their message and their story with others.

If you feel disconnected and unhappy with where you are in life, I encourage you to take the time to go within and ask yourself these key questions:

* What do I really want?

* What do I value?

* What will I no longer tolerate?

There are no right or wrong answers, just be sure that they are YOUR answers!

So grab a journal or a notebook -yes, paper works best- read the first question and take a slow deep breath in as you close your eyes and let your subconscious give you the answer. 

Then, as you exhale slowly, notice the first thing that comes to mind and write it down. Don’t change it, don’t edit it. Just capture what is coming up for you. That will be aligned with the essence of what you truly want…

If your answer is a 'thing', like a car, a house or a trip -(it may be your conscious mind speaking), then ask yourself a follow up question:

- Why do I want it? or For what purpose?

This will get you a deeper, more revealing answer.

The more you ponder the important questions, the clearer your answers will become. This is how you begin peeling back the layers of conditioning and uncovering deeper truths.

If this resonates with you and you would like to dive deeper into this and other practices to help you Reset your life and Reconnect with your true self and Rediscover your passion, please reach out to ask about our weekend retreat coming up in the Mandurah area this October. 

This is your invitation, because you are here for a reason!